footer copyright note in child theme

Hi all,
I have already placed the wording to remove links from the front-page slider in the theme. I was hoping to add the following as well to functions.php in child but keep getting an internal server error message.

<?php //Opening PHP tag

// Remove old copyright text
add_action( ‘init’ , ‘mh_remove_copy’ , 15 );
function mh_remove_copy() {
remove_action( ‘travelify_footer’, ‘travelify_footer_info’, 30 );

// Add my own copyright text
add_action( ‘travelify_footer’ , ‘mh_footer_info’ , 30 );
function mh_footer_info() {
$output = ‘<div class=“copyright”>’.‘Copyright [the-year] [site-link] Powered by: WordPress’.’</div><!-- .copyright -->’;
echo do_shortcode( $output );

//Closing PHP tag

Hi @elenacoen,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I have used the provided code on my test site and it’s working fine for me. I have attached the child theme of Travelify theme in which i have used it.

You can just skip using the following closing php tag in your above code and if there is already an opening PHP tag in the functions.php file then do use it again in your above code.

//Closing PHP tag

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