Footer Copyright Problem

Hi Ion,

Thank you for your help with the items not appearing on my front page. I have changed the title on the About section and that seemed to make it appear. I also changed the text on the button and that worked also.

With regards the footer, I still have been unable to make the copyright text appear under the logo using the customise copyright option. The theme text still appears.

If you can advise about this, I would appreciate your help.

I also have another question. If I want to make the projects page a live content page, how can I do this? I want the projects page to show all posts that are in the category “projects” and the top title of the page should say “projects”, not “archives”.

This would also apply as I expand the site to include a “latest news” page and latest news posts.

Can you help?

Much thanks in advance,


Hello Gina,

Please have a look at the attached screenshot on how to set up the copyright message and let me know if everything is working as expected.

From what I understand, you should create a new Project category under Dashboard > Posts, but unfortunately you will get Archive: Project category text after all.

The current solution you are using, by making a dedicated page for it it’s the closer will get you to your needs, for the time being.

Kind regards