Footer editing


I want to change the ‘Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress’ in the footer.

I am using Activello Version: 1.3.7

How can i find the code to be able to change it?
By the way: Costomizer => Footer => Copyright-Text doesn’t change anything!!
I have »esc_html Theme von Colorlib Powered by WordPress« on my page!!
Thank you.

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Thanks for reaching out.
In reference to your question here, please navigate to your theme files under the activello>inc>extras.php and around line 176, please have that String altered.
I hope this helps.
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Many thanks, found it!
But I can’t see the changes on my website. How is that possible? I deleted the cache as well, but no changes. Crazy.

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You would see the changes immediately but you can remove the footer entirely or use PHP to change it.

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I just changes words and links within the php code:

function activello_footer_info() {
global $activello_footer_info;
printf( esc_html__( ‘Theme by %1$s Sicherheit in Paderborn von %2$s’, ‘activello’ ) , ‘Colorlib’, ‘Name of the website’ );

Where is the problem and for what is “esc_html” ? It’s also shown in the footer of the website.


Hey there

in order to remove footer copyright text, you have to buy a license: Licence - Colorlib
without a license, you don’t have rights to remove text from the footer :wink:
esc_html is a php function for escaping not allowed characters in the string, you can do research for more information