Footer - how to change footer text for Illdy theme

Hi I’m trying to change the text in the footer, how can I do that?

Hi spooke,

if you are referring to the copyright message in the footer, please go to:

Appearance -> Customize -> General Options -> Footer details.

Colorlib Support.

Hi, I’m having the same problem, the footer details only let’s me change the text, how do I change all of the links in the footer?


To change the footer content you need to go to Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > Widgets and add your own content in all the Footer Sidebars.

The theme has default content so the footer never renders with empty content and once you’ll add your own widget the fallback content will get replaced by the new one.

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the site is

My question reg: footer is how to use the formatting in the demo. I like the Carets and the highlight yellow (no underline) See the bottom of my page, I left 2 of the original “placeholders” and then added the 1st. But the links are black and underlined…?

Any help appreciated! Thank you,


Hello @brbeitzel,

You should build a menu inside Dashboard > Appearances > Menus and then add the menu to the Footer Widget to have the exact same look as the predefined widgets.

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WONDERFUL!!! Thank you :slight_smile:


I have added three widgets but the copyright message still appears. How do I get rid of it please?

Hello @mercedes,

To change the 4th widget content of the footer go to Dashboard > Appearances > General Options > Footer Details.


i want to remove the Theme: Illdy. ( iLLdy has a permanent link that open’s in a new tab ) can you please help me out to hide it.i want to ad my fourth footer here with text not images but it’s not letting me do
already tried using CSS code

.footer-credits {
display: none;


Try going to Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > General Options > Footer Details and see if that’s what you are looking for.


Thank you for your reply but no i want to remove this Theme: Illdy.
Attached Screenshot please take your time and find the solution for this
it’s very urgetnt
Thank you

and i already tried what you are saying sir

Hi, I have same questions and do my best to try what your suggestion, like
go to: Appearance -> Customize -> General Options -> Footer Details.

I have seen illdy themes of other people and they can clear or embedded the word “Theme:illdy”.
Could you help us to solve this problem?


Unfortunately, I cannot assist you with this modification since this is a FREE theme and it would mean to hack ourself out.

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okay, I got it and it confused me long time. I think the problem was on me.

@ianlin0917 . if you find the answer ever can you email me at [email protected] ?

hello sir
how can i remove the sign “>” in footer?and replace another sign???

hello sir
how can i remove the sign “>” in footer?and replace another sign???


Try this CSS code and change the content to meet yours:

.widget ul li:before {
    content: ">";

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