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  1. Can you please provide a custom css code to change the Footer Link text to white. See - and the footer widget for the Custom Menu - The Services links. I have tried changing it manually and cannot get the color to change, the background is black, but the link text is also black/dark dark gray. I searched the forum and didn’t find the solution there for this feature when I tried plugging in similar css for close enough questions from other users.

  2. Also, Is there any way to allow links in the Home Page Shapely Features Section, to be able to click on the features and be taken to the page? If so, please provide location for any instructions/css on this?

  3. On the Subscription box, the “subscribe” box - the verbiage is still purple even though I changed the box to blue. How can we change this text “Subscribe” to be gray or black also?

Appreciate your time and thank you for your support, love the theme and recommend it to everyone!

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  1. You can try the following CSS
/*footer menu color white*/
div#nav_menu-14 a{
  1. There isn’t a theme option for this, and it would require modification of the theme which falls beyond the scope of support is provided.

/*subscribe button background and font color*/   
.jetpack_subscription_widget #subscribe-submit input{
    background-color:black !important;
    color:white !important;    

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Thank you for your help!

  1. The first CSS code did not work 2. okay 3. Success!

Do you have another option for #1? Let me know what other information you might need. Thanks again, appreciate your support.

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Please remove the last CSS code and add the following instead:

/*Footer font color */
#colophon a {
    color: white;

.confit-phone {
    color: white;

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