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I’m relatively new to Shapely but pretty happy with it.
I have created my site and I’m putting the final touches. One of them is a small menu that I would like to have at the very bottom of my pages. I’ve tried creating a menu and assigning it to the “social menu” but that doesn’t display anything, even after I’ve added pages to the menu. I’ve also tried adding a “pages” element to the footer widget (which doesn’t look as nice) but it adds all the pages and I can’t seem to get the page IDs to remove some of them.
Overall, I would just like a menu similar to the top menu but with different pages and at the bottom.
Any ideas?

Hi johnturman/

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
IM so sorry to say but this is not possible to add such menu natively in the footer :frowning: customization of the theme is necessary to achieve your goal, sorry buddy
Colorlib Support Team

Thanks for the quick reply, Noda. Any idea on the page IDs?

What do you mean in page id? i know what page id’s are but how you want to use them?

In customize > widgets > footer widgets, there is the possibility of adding a page menu in the footer. If I can’t do it otherwise, that could be a workaround. But, for now, it displays all pages. The details of the “pages” widget include “title”, “sort by”, and “exclude”, which is indicated as “Page IDs, separated by commas”. But I am having a hard time find the page IDs to exclude the pages I don’t want to see listed.

That’s easy to find IDs and i can help you :slight_smile:
please check this link for more details about how to find them

Got it! My address bar is small, I couldn’t see the post number. Thanks a lot, Noda!

You are welcome :slight_smile:
is there anything else? or can i mark this ticket as a resolved?

Hey, this ticket, yes. Unfortunately, I just ran into something else but I’ll make a separate ticket.

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Nice, to hear your problem is fixed:)
i will assist you in the new ticket
Feel free to contact us again Thanks!