Footer text not saving in Dazzling Options > Footer

This is very puzzling. Yesterday I added text to the footer in Dazzling Options and saved it. That text appears as expected. Today I edited the text to add a link to one of the phrases. Saved it. But no matter how many times I do that, the edited text is not saved and does not appear.
I wondered if this might be a caching issue somewhere so I’ve repeatedly cleared site cache, browser cache, even Cloudflare cache. No difference. Indeed, I can see that if I exit the customizer and then open it again, the edits I made in Dazzling Options > Footer are not there! If I add them again, save, exit, re-open - the changes do not appear in the text edit box!
You can see what I mean in the footer where the phrase “Terms & Conditions of Use” should be a link. It’s not.
Can I add the full text directly to, say, the footer.php file? I can make a copy for the child. Where would the text appear?
Thanks, insights/suggestions appreciated.

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Please try adding the link to the footer using the following code:
<a href=""</a>

I hope this helps.

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Lol, thanks, I had that included. But like I said, the text just would not save.
I solved the problem by deleting all text, saving, adding all the text again, saving. That worked.

Okay awesome,

I’m glad it was a quick fix.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

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