Footer widget not showing

Hi there

Website -

My footer widgets are not displaying properly. It looks like widget area 2 isn’t showing up resulting in widget areas 3 and 4 being too far left. Widget area 4 should be lining up with the social icons not be in the position of footer widget area 3.

Footer widget area 1 has 3 ‘custom html’ widgets - all working fine

Footer widget area 2 area contains one ‘custom html’ widget the contents of which do not display onsite. It should show -

Footer widget area 3 - nothing is in the area, however I have tested it and it will display properly.

Footer widget area 4 - contains 2 widgets which display properly

Can you take a look please.



As far as I see, you have some Custom CSS like this,

#colophon > div > div:nth-child(1) > div > div:nth-child(2) {
    display: none !important;

that prevent the second widget area not to display, and in the third widget area, I didn’t see any content, so probably it is empty. Screenshot:

Let us know,