Footer widgets don't update

The footer widgets don’t change on the front end after adding and save new text.

Also the change in CSS code for disclosure/copyright design (reply #12677) doesn’t respond!

Something doesn’t sound right.

Could you please post your website URL and also the exact code you used to change copyright information text color.

Thanks for your reply Aigars


footer widget1 (same problem in 2 and 3, text changes not in frontend):

Mag je zijn zoals je bent?<br />

“Jij mag zijn zoals je bent, om te worden wie je bent maar nog niet kunt zijn; en je mag het worden op jouw manier en in jouw tijd.” (Anna Terruwe)

Copyright text color was changed (in theme options > footer)
link color: #dd3333
text color: #000000

footer information:

Omdat een relatie voor iedereen anders is! Alle rechten voorbehouden

CSS code (in theme options>other>css)
.copyright .col-md-6 {
width: 100%;
text-align: left;

There is a very short answer to all of your problems except last one: WP Fastest Cache. It does what it says it does - it caches your website but it doesn’t clean itself, so you always see your old website no matter what you change.

Now you have to clean your browser cache, and website cache. I would also recommend to switch to some better cache plugin such as W3 Total cache.

For the copyright info to align properly you should fix error in your code. The correct use would be like this:

.copyright.col-md-6 {
  width: 100%;
  text-align: left;

Ahhhh, thanks a lot Aigars.
Changed to W3 TC right away.
All changes apply now on the frontend also!