Format sub-pages

How do I delete the large gray box with the page title and the page title under that. These two elements take up so much space that my content is pushed down almost below the fold. I need my content to start right below the menu.

And how do I add widgets, like parallax, to sub-pages?


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Can you provide a screenshot of the changes you want to make? also, please provide url and i will take a look,

Hi Noda,

Thanks for your quick response. Attached is a shot of both the backend and the front end of a sub (landing) page. (Note that the front end is displaying an image that has been deleted!) I have numbered the issues and outlined them in red.

  1. I need to delete the thick gray bar that displays the page title (it’s too thick to be for breadcrumbs, but it’s in the space where you would expect to find them).

  2. Also need to delete the large page title under the box so that I can place and format the page title myself (probably will use a text box in Elementor).

You can see that these two elements take up so much space that content is pushed two-thirds of the way down the page!

Lastly, I’d prefer to insert a parallax widget at the top of this page rather than a static image. Is that possible?

Thank you!