Fourth Footer Section


I would like to be able to add a fourth footer section (apologies I’m not quite sure what the appropriate terminology is) so that I have Section 1, section 2 - usual FAQs and contact us stuff, Section 3 Socials, and Section 4 copyright etc. My preliminary research suggests that this requires adding another Navigation Menu level? Is this possible and if so any guidance on how I would go about it would be incredibly appreciated.


Seems Duplicate Topic :

Hi @movin,

No - I believe them to be separate and distinct. One is looking at four columns in a single section by using four Footer Widgets, this question is talking about adding another section entirely.

But you can add multiple widgets in the single column.

I am not sure where you want to display it so it would be helpful if you share the screenshot of it.

Hi @movin, sure thing - please find attached. Apologies if I’m confusing issues / solutions - I’m very much a noob with all of this.

I’ve added the additional sections (both sign up form section and link column) to the screen grab in effort to better explain what I’m hoping to achieve.

Now i understood what you are trying to achieve but to achieve this you have to create child theme of Sparkling theme and develop custom code in it.

If you are not a developer then you can consider hiring a developer to develop it for you. You can hire a developer from any freelance site. Colorlib recommends the developer

Thanks @Movin, appreciate your guidance. Just for clarity, was I correct in the need for another Navigation Menu level?

You are most welcome here :slight_smile:

Just for clarity, was I correct in the need for another Navigation Menu level?

Yes you are correct.

Great, thanks @movin!

You are always welcome :slight_smile: