Fraud in purchased plans

on april 10, 2020 i purchased a license that was lifetime. Then you changed the rate plans and my license was canceled and expired after one year. I have been trying to contact someone for renewal since May 10, 2021, if something is not done I will have to proceed through legal proceedings.
plus, no one has ever responded to my contact attempts

yes i support am also trying to contact them but they are not responding at all nor they are giving me my refund nor they are telling how can i do it

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Hey there

Sorry about that, unfrotauntelly i’m unable to process problems related to license and account renewals, you need to use the contact page for contact, there is no other way :frowning:

p.s. here in the support, I answer every ticket, you can’t find any ticket unanswered

In contact us page is clearly write this : Your Message (Support requests won’t be answered. For that use our support forum.)

There is something that’s not working there. Company even doesn’t exist link so at least correct address on website Divilab SIA with one employer @aigars-silkalns.

You make great works so its stupid to fraud people in this way, you could grow up as company if people that uses your templates share them with friends and colleagues (naturally paying the license).

Please allow me template access or refund me otherwise I’ll proceed through legal ways, I prefer to solve the problem easily as as I said you make a great work.

Waiting for a reply. @aigars-silkalns or @colorlibsupport


Sorry for the inconvenience, I just send notification about this to Aigars, let’s wait for the answer.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do in this case, sorry

i agree with you they are really doing fraud things nor contancting or nor they are replying well at all