French translation

Hi guys,

I wrote a french translation for Sparkling, you can download it at

Doing this, I found some texts not referenced in base POT file:

  • “Search…” in the search box
  • “$n thought on [post title]” on single post page, in the comments area

Additionally, the text “Default used if no color is selected” is duplicated in the POT file. The second text contains a dot at the end of the sentence. Maybe it is a typo error ?

BTW, thanks for your work, this theme is very nice.
Best Regards,
Antoine Lorence

Thank you for your outstanding contribution!

I was aware about “Search…” and it is already fixed but this version is not yet live on but it soon will be.

Thanks for pointing about problem in comments area, will improve this as well. And removed duplicate string as well.

Translation there will be as follows:

msgid "One thought on “%2$s”"
msgid_plural "%1$s thoughts on “%2$s”"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""

I will add you to Colorlib contributor page here: Our Contributors and Theme Translators - Colorlib Do you have any website or profile that you would like to feature there along your name?

Could you please reupload translation? It appears that archive file is corrupted and I can’t repair it either.

Sorry about that! I got it working on Windows. Mac refused to be friends with it :slight_smile:

You can use Thanks

I have many problems to post messages on this forum. I tried many times to send a longer message before, but it has never been displayed. When I tried to repost it, I got the message “ERROR: Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”. I also had issues when I wanted to start the topic. As you can see, the original topic (with the same title) I started exists on but does not contains anything. Is there a problem with the forum plugin you use for the forum feature ?

At the moment, the only way I have to reply is to post a really short message without any link, and to edit it to add the content I want to put in.