front page menu and scroll to ID section doesnt work

i dont know why, but it suddenly stopped working … what could it be? it doesnt scroll to the id section, it just loads the page at that section.

Hi @heki,

Please see below a short tutorial on how to make a Menu:

First of all, you need to create your own menu in Appearance -> Menu.
There, use custom links. Each page section has its own link as written below.


Of course, you need to replace dot with name of your webpage. When you are done, save the menu.
Now you need to add this menu to your illdy page, which can be done in Appearance -> Customize. There, in Illdy’s customization menu, click on “Menu”, remove the old one and add your own menu.

Tell me if you did this, and if you did and it still not working please give use the website link.



Cristian thank you. I did set it up like that and it was working. But you pointed out something i forgot to change when i moved the wordpress to the server … in the url i had old subdomain! i reaplace it with the domain and it works now!! Thank you a bilion times!!

Happy holidays!!

You’re welcome @heki

Happy holidays too,