Front page modifications

Hi everyone.

I’d like to make some modifications on my front page blog but I dont’ know how.
I’d like to make bigger the font’s size on the bottom header and to change the text from “read more button”.
My blog’s web site is :

Thank you.


Use this CSS code to achieve the header modification:

#header .bottom-header p{
font-size: 30px;

To change the news box read more text you need to access the theme core files on the FTP server > sections > front-page-latest-news.php where you can find the read more text.

Best regards

Thank you for your answer.

For the “read more modification” I managed to do it. But I start from the scratch, so I don’t know exactly how to modify the CSS code. I found the “bottom header” style in the source code page, but I don’t know how to proceed after this.


The CSS code should be placed in a child’s theme stylesheet.css, ideally.

But you can use a custom CSS plugin or place it inside Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css but keep in mind that this will get erased if you update the theme.

Let me know if you got it alright.