Front Page Recent Blog Posts Widget

In the demo, the recent blog posts are showed in two columns. I sucessfully imported the demo content, but the latest blog posts widget didn’t get imported.

When I import the widget, it only shows up in a single column. How do I add it as the live demo?

they won’t answer you. Waste of time. Tyche theme has some problems than need to be fixed, it does not even has an option to disable this zoom, also variable products on the home page are being added to card (tyche product widget). Does this plugin even get updated?

Yes, based on previous support topics here it seems like the support is subpar. Colorlib usually has great themes and support though, not sure why it’s like that now

They just don’t care on free themes, even if they have bugs and problems

Another bug on tyche product widgets: Some categories are hidden on the dropdown…

Okay it was because the category had no products


Hey there,

Thank you for reaching out, and we do apologize for the delay in responses.
We are aware of the issues

If you haven’t been through the tutorials on how to set up the theme, I’d advise you to do this. : Tyche Theme Documentation - Colorlib

If you’re still having an issue, please provide me with a URL to your website as well as login credentials so we can have a look.

Best Regards,

what about tyche product widget bug? variable products are being added to the cart instead of navigating to the product page

I did import the demo content and check your videos, but you do not have the recent posts widget neither in the demo nor in the videos

I tried it on a fresh install and still the same issue.