Front page sections do not = pages?

Just getting to know the theme and wanted to verify this before I go any further. The front page sections and the pages don’t seem to be related. Is there any way to make them related? In other words, so that when you choose the section “about” it zooms you down the page to the section entitled “about”, like in the 2017 theme?

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  1. There is no way to make the homepage into a regular page. The theme was built in such a way that the homepage is widget driven, so instead of coding in elements, you add widgets.

  2. In order to have the about us link scroll to the about us section on the front page, you’ll need to change the link in Appearance > Menus to #about (replace the current about us with a custom link and set the link to #about).

Note that you’ll need to actually add the contents from your about us page to the about us section if you were using a dedicated page previously.

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