Front page sections is not showing only 404?

I have created my front/homepage with the jumbotron - section using the spample page for Illdy. Suddenly content don’t show on the web
i cannot find what’s wrong. How can I fix this?It all there in wordpress window when editing.


Hi there

Indeed, I can’t see anything, there is no homepage attached, so, please check this and also, refresh the permalinks: How to Refresh / Flush WordPress Permalinks?

Thank you for fast reply. I’m sorry but refreshing the permalinks did not solved the problem.
The start page still disappears Error 404.

When editing in word press is showing start page and everything is working.

![Skärmavbild 2022-03-25 kl. 10.39.20|690x168]
After installation of All 404 Redirect I’m aware of that the page have many broken links

How can i solve this?

When I checking again is the page not showing at all now. Only pages in head menu i shows?? [Om samfälligheten – Torekovs Ängar]](Om samfälligheten – Torekovs Ängar])