Front Page Sections Won't Work


I setup a website using the illdy theme over at

I added information into a few sections and changed the others not to show. Now a few weeks later I have gone in to create another section since I wanted to have a “Resources” section that shows links to other similar websites. I used the “Full Width Section” to input the links and made sure to toggle the “Show this section?” marker to “On” position. I have updated but it won’t show.

I then tried using another section that I wasn’t using but that didn’t work either. I tried toggling the section off, publishing, then on and publishing again. However it still won’t work. I have cleared all cookies, tried viewing in Incognito mode as well as using different browsers. However it just won’t show the section for me.

I am having the same issues, the front page sections are not showing although the toggle is “ON” for all of them, please advice what to do.

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Hi, I have the same issues, nothing is working:
Personalization page keeps “Loading…”

Hi @gaby08,

Please follow the documentation for illdy here: Illdy Theme Documentation - Colorlib you need to create a home page first to get it working.

@caoticvs, Try disable all the other plugins you installed, refresh the cache and see that fixes the issue.

@all, please use a separate ticket to describe your issue, so that it is easy to track and give solution fast.

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Thanks a lot, apparently the problem is with the FancyBox for WordPress plugin. I deactivated it and it worked again.


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Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!