Front Page Slider Image Dimensions Changed? Images Cut Off

Hello! Thank you for such a beautiful WP theme. We’ve been using it for our non-profit org for years now and have come to really love it.

Somehow, recently the slide dimensions have changed. I’m nots sure when or how but the images that were once showing in full, are now being cut-off. While I understand there is an optimum size for the slider images, this was never an issue in the past and all the images used to show beautifully without being cut off. Was something updated automatically that we didn’t know about? Any help to retain the original full image without the crop will be appreciated.

Example of cut-off image:

Hi there

If I’m not wrong you are use Jetpack and it changes image appearance, try to deactivate it or change the settings

Hello - Thank you for the quick reply. Your assessment was correct and once I deactivated it, the page returned to normal. Thank you!

That’s nice to hear :slight_smile: