Front page slidr image size issue

Hi,I have set front page slider image but it is showing too small image. pleasecheck the url
Please help me

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

Have you tried to add bigger images?
please provide a link to your website

Colorlib Support Team

Hi this is my website link. please check it

Hi sir, how are you,Please help me to solve the front page slider image issue.This is my website link I hope that you will help me.Thank you

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Sorry for the delay,
This is how your slider is appearing for me, have you able to fix this problem?

Hi,Im sorry But I could not fix it,something went wrong.Slider is not appearing like yours.It is appaaring how i explained it Please see attachment and recheck it.Do You have any idea?

Hey,it is working now.thank you and what size should image be? I placed categories and it seems that theme displaying image in smallaer size.what size should I set banner please check my website and give recommendations on image size

what is standart image size


There is no predefined size of the image for this slider, you can use images with more than 2000 px width, height is recommended from 1000 to 1200px :slight_smile:
please check one again and let me know if everything is ok

Everything is ok,sir thank you very much,what is demo image size?


Its 1538*523px

nice to hear, in this case i will close this ticet, :slight_smile: