Front Page - Team Sidebar Alignment

Thank you for the great site but I have a question about alignment.

On the homepage of, there is a team area where I have a basic bio of each coach. Unfortunately, their bio’s are different lengths so they do not line up at all. How can I change the code to allow the bios to line up at the top and the text flow down so they’re even at the top? Currently, it looks like it builds from the bottom up causing the tops of the bios to misalign. Please help.

The attachment shows the home page “Staff” area, which is technically the teams sidebar widget


Please try this CSS solution:

#team .widget_illdy_person{
vertical-align: top;

If this is not working as expected, please send me live preview of the team section and I’ll see what I can do about it.


Awesome, this did the trick. Thanks!