Front page - Testimonials Section Text in BOX

Hello There,
Why i cant set a <br> between some text areas?
Please have a look to my screenshot, too!

Merci Max

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

You need to add it in the Text editor and not the Visual editor otherwise it will not work.

Best Regards,

No chance. It never works on this site.

It works fine in the about section.
There i have problems with the last text. (link)
Cant set a brake!
(sind, empfinde ich als meine Aufgabe. Meinen detaillierten Werdegang sehen Sie hier.)

Other question. Is it possible to set a image under my text in the »Über mich« area.
I tried a lot. As a background image. But then its not responsive.
Have you an idea? Best Regards, Max

Hello there,

Please see the following image and take not of the text editor on the left, you need to add the br code there. You can use <br> or </br> to add the break.

In order to add an image below the text it would be better to use an image widget.

Best Regards,

Thanks a lot. I thought i tried it with html tags. Crazy.

The problem with the widget image was the position.
Always on the left site. Please check the screenshoots.

Hello there,

We can try adding this CSS to move the image:

/*Move image*/
div#sow-image-4 {
    left: 33%;

Best Regards,