Front page turned blank

Dear Noda,

Happy new year to you and your team.

we have an issue on our website This morning, we noticed the front page is half blank. I logged in, updated what needed to be, but could not find where the problem was. Did you do any updates recently?

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards.


Hey there

Pauline i can see only coming soon page, can you show me screenshot of the problem?

His Noda,

This is weird, I never put the website offline…
I do not understand why it shows this coming soon page. I can see it too from my iPhone on Chrome.

Here is what I can see from my laptop on Chrome.


I hope you are doing well today.

Please disable the coming soon plugin so that we can inspect the page.

Best Regards,

His Noda,

Thank you for your message.
I deactivated the plugin. The mobile version is back to normal thank you.
I will be waiting for the cache to empty before checking the desktop again (it is still blank).

Thank you again. I will keep you posted.

Hey there

the site works normally from me :slight_smile: please check again and let me know

I’m having the same problem. Ran updates for theme and plugins and the main parallax sections that were set on the homepage are now blank. Everything is still in place on the widget sections that were set? Any idea why they are blank? I’ve cleared the cache too. Site is live at

Hey there

@ccabb3 i can’t reproduce your problem on your website, please open your new ticket where we can help you,

Hi Noda,
Seems like it is a weird problem.
Everything is fine from my laptop and mobile, but not on our desktop. Everybody is on Chrome, lest version updated.
I do not understand these blank pages.

What could I do?

Kind regards.

Hey there

can you check it again? i tested it on my desktop and on my laptop but its ok on every platforms,
try to use the incognito window of chrome and check again

Hi Noda,
Sorry for the late reply, I was testing the website with multiples configurations and cleaning up a bit.
The problem seems to be fixed.

Thank you for your help. You were very reactive and helpful.

Hi, there
I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions