Front page will only show shop page content without sidebar

I have the Unite theme and the pages are all displaying correctly. However, if I try to make any page other than the “shop” page the static front page, the widgets disappear and the footer content duplicates itself into the main content. I’ve attached two screenshots showing the correct layout and then what happens if I make any other page the front page. I’ve tried changing the front page both in the customizer and in woocommerce settings, I’ve tried all the pages, and it doesn’t matter which one I try they all do the same thing. The only one that will display is the Shop page. Can anyone please give some suggestions on what might be happening or how to fix it? I’ve tried unplugging a few plugins to see if one of them is the cause, but since the site is live I can’t try them all. Or does this theme only permit the Shop page as the front page?
Thank you

Oh, sorry my URL is


I see that you have already fixed this problem.

For others, the thing is that this theme uses a full-width page on front page with widgets below page content. Those widgets are separate and are marked as “Homepage Widget 1,2,3” under Appearance >> Widgets.

Let me know if you need any further assistance with this.