Frontpage Sections - entry problem

After the last theme update, I managed to redo my page. Almost all functions are working for me. But I still having issues in customizer when I try to edit Front page section entries. In attached screenshot you can see the frozen page.
The latest WordPress opening the editor window to type in when I click the entry. Even if I copy and paste my text 8 of the 10 times it’s causing customizer freeze, and not allow to save my last edit.
I noticed each time I type a character, page get in “not responding mode” for 5-10 seconds. For short entries I can type one by one the characters, and wait for each until page refresh the entry. With longer sentences, its freezing at some point.

additional question: is it possible to put a link in the entry texts?

Is there any other way to edit entry section in easier way?


Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please try using the following plugin to clear your WordPress cache which should alleviate the freezing:

In order to add a link you would have to use the “link” button in the text editor tool bar.

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hi, thank you for your advise.
My site doesn’t use cache I think. I installed the suggested plug-in. I couldn’t manage to make it work, after removing it, I am a step closer to stop freezing my screen.

I can now use the tags showing in the editor. if I try to save it, it freeze, after refreshing I can see my change saved.
I think I can live with this, until I figure out how cache thingy works.

thank you


Can you pass us the WP Login details via Private Reply so that we can check what’s going wrong in it.

Let us know if you have any other questions in a separate thread.