Full-page template for Jigoshop (no sidebars)

Hi. I have chosen the full-page (no sidebars) option for our Shop page on homeandaway.gallery: http://www.homeandaway.gallery/?post_type=product

I have also deleted all the widgets from the sidebar. If you go to the link, you will see the sidebar is still there.

Can you help me figure this out?

Thank you,

Hey David,

This is WordPress showing you the default sidebar. You should get rid of it using this code in your custom css section:

.well { display: none; }

What this does is hiding the default sidebar.

Hope this helps

Great, Effevee, thanks!


I have the opposite problem. I have the Shop as the Home page and I have a custom sidebar assigned to the Shop, but the sidebar does not show up on the Home page. It shows up on other pages, though.


Thanks for any help.


Please start a new thread as this thread is already resolved and it is not relevant to your problem. Will make sure to help you from there.