Full page width Blog and Pages

I saw some other topics for this but i can not get those solutions to work, i am looking to have my blogs and pages full width. I am not using any side bar content and would like the main content to widen out a bit more. Is there any additional css i can paste in to the editor?

Been thought the style sheets and not coming up with a solution

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In relation to your question here, could you kindly provide us with your website link.

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the website is hidden (under construction) at the moment while the content is being put together, but I have attached a screen shot of what it looks like full screen on a 1920x1080 screen

I am looking to make the section with the the text and galleries wider

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The page on the screenshot is without sidebar, there is no more option in the theme to make it wider, for this custom css is necessary, so, i guess we need to see your website for custom css