full sized photos are rendering sideways

I’m using your PHOTON html template for this new site of mine: http://keefdesign.com.

When a user clicks one of the photos to make it full-sized, all my vertical shots show up horizontal. The actual JPGs are not like this. This is being done (I think) with CSS. Here is an example:

KEEF Design — photography & graphic arts

This is a shot of a little kid squatting. It should be vertical, not horizontal.


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Could you please check the images on your pc to see if they open up horizontally there too as the image may be assigned to open up like that.

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I already did that (and explained that I did). Using “Preview” on the Mac, they open correctly. Also if I browse to the JPGs from a browser directly (without HTML or CSS) they show up correctly (i.e. RMC > Open Image in New Tab).

See my two attached screenshots.

First screen shot is RAW JPG in browser.

Second screen shot is of the PHOTON UI.

2nd screenshot (your 2MB limit is killing me)


Could you please try to reduce the size of those images with the wrong orientation?
They may be too large and are forced into that orientation.

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