Full width backgroud sections on homepage only

I am using the Visual Composer plugin to add full width coloured sections and background images to my site. These sections work on the page that is set to display the homepage in Settings > Reading > Front Page Dispaays, but do not work on other pages. Can you please tell me how to use the same template or settings that are used for the homepage on the other pages so I can see full width sections on every page?
Just a note: I already have my page template set to default and page layout to full width.
Screen shots attached.
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Hi @andreajaye,

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To display background image on all pages you can try setting background image on the following path.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Background Image

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Hey !

Adding to full width Parallax widgets in all pages Header Like Homepage Template. but These sections work on the homepage only, Do not work on other pages. I’ve created more widgets and separately for other pages but parallel image background full is not displaying. Can you help me out how to create the same template that are used for the homepage on the other pages. I’ve also set my page to full width.

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@alice Have you tried using Background image as described above that works on all pages?