Full-width Footer widget

Hello all,

I’m having trouble getting my scrolling Instagram widget (which I’ve put as a text widget under Footer 1) to span the width of my site. On mobile it’s generally fine, but for browsers it only covers a very small amount of space. I’m sure I just need a bit of CSS code, but I can’t seem to find code for this theme, and I’m not quite savvy enough to write it myself.

website is heathernphotography.com


Answered my own question for the homepage at least. By simply adding it to the Homepage widgets instead of the Footer, it got added to the bottom of my homepage and leaves a nice little white border between the actual footer and the widget. Still doesn’t solve the issue on other pages, but I think I like it better not on every page for the time being anyway. But if there’s a way to use it in the footer widget so it shows up everywhere it would still be helpful to know that!

Hi, your site is lovely! I’ve been trying to put a full-width footer instagram display for my site too. How did you do it?