Full width image


Great theme!

I want to put a full-width image under the action button on my home page.

What is css code for that? I’ve tried everthing, but image is still centered in container (spaces on side)


Hi @DMan1408,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Could you please share me the home page link where you want to add it so that i can help you to achieve it?

Please advise.

Kind Regards,
Vinod Dalvi

Hi Vinod

url: http://e-solutionz.co.za

I’ve removed the slider and action button.

I want to use a full width image and then a full width jumbotron to create the same effect as your slider and action button (as in your demo).

The reason why I don’t use your slider is because your slider uses the featured image from posts and i don’t intend to write posts just now. Without the slider the action button will be on top (under the navbar) and then comes the image. But I want the image first and then the action button.

Thanks for your help.