Full width layout for WooCommerce store and products?


I am using Travelify in conjunction with WooCommerce and I would like to have the option of being able to use the “No Sidebar - Full Width” post/page template for the WooCommerce store pages (product catalog, cart, checkout, etc) and products.

As it stands, the store (see attachment - shop-home.png) and individual products (see attachment - product-view.png) display using the default right sidebar template.

Normally when I create a new post or page I get the option to choose a layout for that specific post/page (see attachment - add-new-page.png) however when I add a new product via Woo that option is not there (see attachment - add-new-product.png).

I went to Appearance > Customize > Travelify Main Options > Layout Options and chose “No Sidebar - Full Width” as the default as well as resetting the layout and then choosing “No Sidebar - Full Width” and tried to create a new product but it still used the layout with the right sidebar.

Any guidance is much appreciated, thanks.


Could you send me your website? I want to see if you could use a css trick to solve this.