Full-Width(no sidebar) style on 'The Events Calendar Plugin'

Hi. I wanted to have Full-Width(no sidebar) style on my events page. I’m using the ‘The Events Calendar Plugin’. I hope you can help me with this…

Please post your website URL and I will look into it. Otherwise, I am unable to help as I don’t know your website setup.

Thank you for your response. Here is the url :

I’ve the same problem. In “The Events Calendar” plugin’s settings, you can choose different page templates for the calendar view: ‘Default event template’, ‘Default page template’ and ‘Full-width(no sidebar)’… but with the last choice the calendar doesn’t appear in full width (see ofsliguria.it/eventi).

Also, in “The Events Calendar” sidebar widget, the left gray border is missing (see ofsliguria.it/test).

Aigars can you help me, please? I’ll do gladly a donation.