Full-Width Problem

I can’t seem to find the setting to force the page to display full-width (remove the container class in the main-content-area). I have the layout options set to full-width in the customization panel, but it still adds a container to the content area.

The site is http://laundrybasketsfulloflove.org/

Hi there

Can you tell me how exactly you want to change page layout? also, you want to make this changes on entire site or only homepage?

I would like the content of the entire site to stretch the entire width of the browser instead of being confined to a narrower container. I thought that is what the “full-width” setting was supposed to do.

The theme is built with Bootstrap 3. The source of the problem is, for example, line 253 of the home page code has the following tag: <div class=“container main-content-area”>. The presence of the Bootstrap “container” class restricts the page from being full-width. If I use my browser’s inspector tool to remove the “container” class, the page displays as I want it to.

I have attached a graphic showing the page as it is (left side) and as I want it to display without the container class (right side).

I made a child theme and fixed the problem myself, but thanks for your response.

Hello there,

Nice work solving this issue.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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