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I would like to remove the sidebar of all the pages of my site and put my single column in full width. Your theme offers this option and it worked.
In fact, I created a child theme to make some changes to the CSS. On the parent theme, the “full width” option works, but on the child theme, it doesn’t. What happens is that the sidebar is removed, but its space is empty, and impossible to put in full width the other content (except on the home page and the “about” page, where I was able to arrange a pluggin, which does not work on the “categories” or “articles” pages …).
Maybe you can tell me how it’s possible that this option jumps, just passing of the parent theme to the child theme ? Knowing it’s the only one, and that everything else works,. Can you help me to fix that, using CSS or other ?

My blog url is http://overtrip.fr.

Thanks !

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In some cases the child theme may not have gotten the CSS or functions.php file from the parent theme and that can cause this kind of issue.

Please try using the following plugin to create a new child theme and copy over the parent theme’s files:

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Thanks you for this solution ! I didn’t heard about it before but it seems to work !

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Hello there,

I am glad the solution worked for you. This is a simple issue of the child theme not copying the files used by the parent theme.

Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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