Fuzzy Logo

I uploaded a logo at a very high resolution, but it appears fuzzy. Is there CSS code I can use to fix this? http://newwp.troopgirl.com
Thank you in advance!

Hey there

Looks like you already fixed it?
the logo is appearing normally for me, can’t see any problem

No, it’s still fuzzy—for comparison, look at the sharpness of the letters in the menu

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225*75px is original image size of the logo and its displayed without resize or crop, this means logo image itself is not good because what is uploaded and set in the options panel is displayed without changes,
here is the original image:


The logo was uploaded at 1500x4500px.

The Illdy theme resized the logo to 225x75 and changed the name of the image
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I am looking a workaround/way to prevent or override the theme’s resizing of the uploaded logo, hopefully using CSS.


Sorry but there is no css workaround here, css cant fix such problems, yes logo is resized before displaying it on the page but resized image is not resized on the page by css or inconsistent container, trying my best but to be honest i can’t see any problems with the logo, it’s really crisp clear and still there is no business

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You are welcome and thank you for understanding, im always glad to answer your questions if you have any doubts feel free to ask anything :slight_smile: