Gallery is always 1 column as Thumbnail Grid

Hello, I am having an issues positioning images into Thumbnail Grid, they always come up one after another in a single column down the page.

Page in question:

My only custom CSS at this point is ‘.entry-meta { display: none; }’

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Gallery page as on Sparkling Demo is created using Jetpack plugin, which is developed by the same team which is behind WordPress itself.
Please follow the guide located at #11 in order to set up a gallery grid.

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The ‘Speed up images and photos. (Must be enabled to use tiled galleries)’ is enabled in Jetpack Settings, yet still it does the same thing, also it only shows two Gallery type options: Thumbnail Grid and Slideshow.

Jetpack is on latest version. Apparently some checkbox should be located in Settings>Media to always have tiled gallery but I do not see that either.

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I’m getting some errors in the console log of Chrome.
This is usually caused by some plugin conflict.
Kindly disable any third party plugins you may have except the ones you needed,

If this resolves the issue, active the plugins one by one to find the root of the problem.

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