Hi Aigars,
Something happened with the gallery in my blog. I would like to have 3 columns and when I edit the post (e.g. “Save the date…”) it is like that. But on the blog, pictures are one below the other. Have you got any idea why it is like that?

Yes, it could be like that.

Theme is designed to use Jetpack tiled galleries or mosaic just like you can see on our theme demo:

If you don’t have Jetpack installed, I highly recommend to do so.

I have jetpack installed and I seem to be having this problem too. Any ideas?

  1. Installed and activate Jetpack
  2. Enable Tiled Galleries via Jetpack Settings
  3. Select Tiled Galleries when creating the gallerie.There is an option to choose gallerie type.

If you have followed all these steps then there is no way it won’t work.

Hello Aigars,

Jumping on that thread as we are also experiencing trouble with the Jetpack Tiled Gallery and the Carrousel display. Both used to work fine and recently started acting buggy, more specifically:

  • some of the tiled pictures are cut off
  • the caption that used to only be displayed on mouse over now appears all the time
  • when clicking on a photo tile the Carrousel does not open, the photo is instead displayed in wordpress media attachment page.

We recently updated both Travelify theme and Jetpack, not sure which caused the glitch.
Here is a link to one of our page showing the problem: Guatever!

Thank you for your help


This is not related to theme or some recent theme updates. You have enabled several slider plugins but I don’t see them used on your website and they are conflicting with one and another and Jetpack. They are not going to work all together and you have to choose between which one you actually need and want to use.

Ah - thanks Aigars. We had a plugin called tinycoffee (for people to easily donate via paypal). That was the culprit for mucking up the Carousel.