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I am back end developer and I used Gentelella multiple project.I like Gentelella very much .For my project i remove footer for my project but later i noticed licence information.Gentelella licence information say " But you always need to state that Colorlib is the original author of this template.". So i put a licence file on ftp that my project.It is enough for licence ? I mean i remove footer information of Colorlib from Gentelella but i put a file for licence in FTP.I hope its enough for licence.If you answer my question really i will be happy.

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Once, you have purchased the license then the changes that you make will be fine. Here is a link to purchase the license:

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When i buy Single TEMPLATE licence can i remove Colorlib licence information from Gentelella for 5 domains?

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With a single template license, you can use one template for up to 5 domains this is said on the license page :slight_smile: