Gentelella with grails 4 and asset-pipeline-grails v3.0.10

Hello, i’ve recentlly got an older grails project with gentelella web theme, built on grails 2. My task is to update what is possible to newest. I updated grails to v4.0.1, gradle v5.1.1, com.bertramlabs.plugins:asset-pipeline-gradle:3.0.10, it works in development mode(gradle bootRun), but i cannot build it as war because of js errors during processing select2 js files(which are part of gentelella), no matter if the minifyJs is set to true or false. Do you please have any experience with gentelella and grails4 application, is it compatible? thank you

Hey there

I’m so sorry but no, we don’t have any experience with Grails and our theme :frowning: