Gentella Datatables RowReorder

Hello Team,
Thank you for your WONDERFUL work for this template.
I was asking my self if in the template, you have provided the possibility to reorder Rows with the mouse.
I’m trying to do it by hand with some jQuery but it seems it very difficult.
Can you maybe give me a hand on this please?
It will be appreciated.
Thank you very much


Hi @jakobu

I have trouble understanding what is your goal by that,

It’s only a frontend and there is no other way or method rather than already provided, if you can you may extend functionality as wide as you want but besides already added functionalities there is nothing else

Hello Team,
Thank you for the reply.
What i’m trying to do is this : DataTables example - Row reordering
You drag a row number 5 and you drop it un line 3, this will exchange the rows from a place to another one.
Ok I understand your answer. i keep looking for a solution.

Have a nice day and thanks again.

Ok, got it, :slight_smile:

Well, yes, that will require customization, since there is no drag and drop functionality included in the template, unfortunately, I cant cove such topics on this support board