Gentellela Admin login from docker of driven_admin

i’m using gentellela admin from docker.

the installation was successful. but after boot up a server. I couldn’t see main dashboard over there. because when refresh every time (F5). the page was redirected to login page.

could you help me what it is? should I create api server?


Hi Dennis,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Do you mean gentelella login page?

Please try using below gentelella version.

Best Regards,

thanks for your reply. this was what my question. I wanted run server by gentellela on docker what shared link above. do not download github.
so my question was why I couldn’t see gentellela admin dashboard on docker?. every time the server was redirected to login page. I don’t want to see login page.

have you ever seen these things on docker?


Sorry i didn’t test it on Docker so you need to troubleshoot it but if you are having any issue with it outside docker then feel free to ask it here.