German translation for Travelify WordPress theme

I’m interested in the German translation. Can you send it to me? THANKS!

Sorry that I kept you waiting, but the update of the Theme did delete my first version of the translation. I translated it again. Please be aware of that it is not perfect because sometimes some words are missunderstood if you see them without the context in which they will be displayed on the homepage. But feel free to improve my work.
In some cases it may be that you will need to make some changes anyway because I used the German “Du” (second person singular) as translation for “you” which is an informal adressing.
In this case I recommend to use “POEdit” which is described following Aigars link. It is very easy to handle!

But here you are:

Just extract the folder and copy these two files to “…/wp-content/themes/travelify/languages”

Thank your for your amazing work!

I don’t speak German so I can judge how accurate is your translation but based on visual review it seems ok for me.

I will add your translation on the next theme update.

Do you want any website to be featured on this website as well as on theme itself?

Thanks again for your contribution!

I am glad to get this nice theme and this amazing 24/7-support for free, therefore this is my contribution to this awesome work and I do not want any credits!

Thank you!
I highly appreciate your contribution!

German Translation for this WordPress theme is included in the original installation. You can download it from theme repository or form