Get rid of Excerpts - Read More


I am trying to get rid of the READ MORE button and excerpts.

I wish all my posts show full size from the beggining.

I already changed the reading settings (For each article: Show full text).

Without any apparent effect.

Any suggestion?

Hello @rnoguera,

As far as my knowledge goes, achieving such behavior is not available in the theme options, so to have full posts text information on the homepage you would need to create a custom function and then add it instead of the current excerpt text, so it would be quite a lot of custom work that I cannot fully assist in the free support scope.

I will track this down and we’ll do our best to implement this in the shortest time, but until further news about it you might be looking for any kind of premium dedicated custom support for which you can add me on Skype (Ion Rutz) to see what it would take to achieve this.

Best regards