Get top menu to scroll down to selction

I am new to wordpress and am struggling with the top menu.
I can’t get it to scroll down to the part of the website I want to point it at. In fact, I don’t even know how to set that up in the first place…
I looked through the instructions provided with the theme but couldn’t find a tutorial for this.
Any help is greatly appreciated

A little more info
I use the default Menu 1 and I add a custom link. I point the url to /#About for example. The link will show the About section, but it doesn’t scroll down. Instead it is just reloading the whole page


You should just delete the /or use the full link

The URL should look like this:

Let me know if you got it alright.


I am using the full URL. The website is
(I set this up yesterday so it’s a bit messy atm)
Just trying to get “Team” to work right now using url:
As you can see, the page does display the correct info, but it is loading the page instead of scrolling down

I am using the full link - please see the post above for website and full URL

Nevermind, I solved it. I was using the full URL (
When I changed the URL to just “#about”, it works.
I was under the impression that the full URL would work, but it doesn’t.

New problem because of this:
I have “read more” links that is leading to posts. The layout changes when viewing points. A “#about” url doesn’t work from that view, so I kinda need the full URL to work.

Now that problem is solved as well.

Changing the URL from the full URL to just the hashtag, made the scroll work.
Then changing it back to a full URL kept the scroll functioning like it should.

Must have been a kink that was ironed out after changing it from one to the other.


I’ll paste this response from another thread as the issue is similar.
Adding the website link will make the menu function alright on the other pages than homepage, as well.

The menu items should be setted with this structre, via a Custom Links item in Dashboard > Appearances > Menus:

Let me know if this did the trick and if there’s anything else I might miss.


Hello deliciae (& support),
I have had the same problem as you with the custom links on the Illdy menu. I tried following what you said in your last post here but it didn’t work for me.
I changed the links from to simply #section, and then changed them back.
Is that what you did?
Did you do it in the theme customizer or somewhere in your Wordpress dashboard?

Could you please give me a bit more detail?

As you can probably see, I am not very experienced at this.
Regards, Barbara.