gliphicon sohing in woo commerce ...

hello it realy strange
1 i add gliphicon
2 later i remove gliphicon
=> now all page doesn’t have gliphicon but woocommerce link yes …
ex :

other little problem => thumbmail doesn’t display
in product image is here
sorry i found

but i desactived note in product (tabs is alway display)
do you think it’s a template problem (maybe)

some idea ?

Sorry but I didn’t understand I single thing from you.

  • Theme in most cases uses Font Awesome icons

  • Glyphicon are used only in navigation but I don’t see that you have used any of theme. For more info about these you can find in theme documentation.

  • Tabs in WooCommerce are not controlled by theme in any way and more info about tabs can be found here.

Let me know if I have answered at least some of your questions.

OOOH sorry a cache problem …
thanks for reply