Glyph posititon in menu item

Hi there!

Thank you for Sparkling theme, it’s beautiful and sexy.

Could you please help me with glyph position in menu - I need to place it after menu item, not before. How that can be done?

Thank you, Eugene

This should do the trick:

#menu-top span.glyphicon {
    float: right;

This might overflow some menu items and more styling might be required but that’s up to you.

Thank you for prompt answer.

Strangely - it’s not working. Here is my site -, i’ve placed your code in Custom CSS, but with no result (site is on Russian, but i believe glyph position will be visible ok)

Ok, then remove previously added code and replace it with this one:

.navbar-default span.glyphicon {
    float: right;
    margin-top: 12px;
    margin-left: 5px;

Thanks! It’s works fine.

One more question…

Can you please tell if it’s possible to update this code to correct nested menu glyps look? Now these glyphs are shown much lower then menu text.

Sorry didn’t notice that at first.

Add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.dropdown-menu .glyphicon.glyphicon-wrench, 
.dropdown-menu .glyphicon.glyphicon-shopping-cart{
    margin-top: 0;

Thank you very much.