Glyphicon / Bootstrap Problems

Hi, i’m Björn from Germany :slight_smile:
I use your wonderful Sparkling Theme on my litte Photowebsite and now i’ve got a Problem :frowning: Hope anyone can help me.

I installed the Easy Bootstrap Shortcode Plugin which you talking about. Configured like in the Manual.

Tested my Website on my Mac and my IPhone, all seems good but…

…on many Computers or mobile Phones the Icons in the Menu or the Social Icons are not shown?! Like in the Screenshot.

What’s wrong with that? On MouseOver in the Menu i see always a i class tag too, on your Demo Site is this not shown.

I’ve a second website … … also with one of your Themes “Travelify”

I installed also now the Easy Bootstrap Shortcode Plugin and had put a icon on the Menu bar, here i see it?!

What’s the Difference between my two websites? Please help me…

This was my fault! My Server had restrictions about this installation :frowning: many files or css was not acessable.

Hi @dersandman,

Awesome great to see you got that found out.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!