Google Ads inline text


I add google ads to the blog by using the TEXT widget.

I am trying to add a table to the post, in one cell I would like to add text and the other google ad.
When doing it, the table expand with strange space above it. I tried to use valign=“top” but didn’t succeed.

Maybe someone can help me with this issue?

For what I read I see that for you it will be much easier to use some plugins to achieve this kind of results.

I can recommend these two plugins:

  • Quick Adsense (link) - Very simple and widely used plugin. Can be used to automatically add ads in some sections of posts such as top, middle, after any number of paragraphs etc. Awesome plugin!
  • Google Publisher Plugin (link) - Official Adsense plugin developed by Google for WordPress. This is even more flexible than above mentioned solution and you can add ads anywhere in your template.

Thank you again!